Home Furnishing

Our HOME department sources & manufactures the trendiest collections of Rugs, Sheets, Towels, Cushion Covers, Curtains & a wide variety of soft home furnishings.

Women's Wear Fast Fashion & Designer Wear

IIPI specializes in both spectrums of the value chain in fashion – fast affordable fashion as well as intricate designer wear.

Our expertise involves fabric innovation, sustainable materials & processes, in house digital printing, embroidery techniques & both dry/wet treatments.

Tees & Knit Styles

IIPI offers an excellent range of Knitwear in terms of quality, washes, finishes & fabric combination.

We offer cutting edge finishes ranging from W/R to anti bacterial, stain resistance to thermal optimization.

Maternity Wear

We bring forth an exclusive range of Pregnancy wear & post pregnancy wear which is both trendy as well as super comfortable.

We pay special attention to soft fabrics, soft threads, thoughtful embellishments designed to brighten up a new mother's day!

Kids Wear

Our specialized kids wear design team develops new techniques to delight girls of all ages, including teens.

Our products meet the highest standards of quality & safety.